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Who is Blotion for?

Blotion is for anyone who wants a super quick way to launch a blog or site. You only need to know how to use Notion to build your first site.

You can find a quick start guide here → Quick Start Guide

Is Blotion free?

Yes Blotion is 100% free to use for one live site. This means you can build your blog and it will be accessible on your subdomain hosted on If you would like to build more sites or connect a custom domain you can upgrade to a Creative or Pro Account

Is Blotion secure?

Yes Blotion uses the office Notion SDK which requires a token to make any request to your site. When you login to Blotion with Notion and select the template you wish to turn into a site Notion sends a unique token that only allows Blotion to access that one template. The token sent to Blotion is encrypted and stored in a secure Supabase database that can only be accessed by the Blotion server.

TLDR - Only Blotion can access the access token, and all of that happens on the server. Your token is never sent to the browser.

Can I have more than one Database on my Blotion Site?

Currently Blotion only supports 1 child database. This should be used to store all of your posts. My goal for the future is to allow for multiple databases on a single site, however the use case for this might be limited.